PARIS 1- Master COSS

Cadres des Organismes du Secteur Social

The « Social sector organisations managers » Master’s Degree is geared towards students who wish to design or implement action programmes in the social field, especially at the local level, or to become managers of institutions or organisations involved in this sector.


Upon completion, graduates will have very good knowledge of the various fields of social policies (employment, poverty, inclusion, health, disability, families, pensions, dependency, urban policy, etc.) and the various contexts in which they are implemented (social administrations, local authorities, social security funds, NGOs, specialised institutions, etc.).


This interdisciplinary approach (law, economics, history, sociology) aims to provide students with the theoretical and practical tools they need to work in these fields. Students benefit from the contribution of players involved at various implementation levels for these policies (national and local officials at Government or local authority level, managers of institutions, leaders of community services and policy officers, etc.).